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Programme d'expédition Antarctique Jour 10

Wednesday,          January 5, 2004


Paulet Island              Lat. S 630 34

    Lon. W 0550 46

Brown Bluff               Lat. S 630 32

                                        Lon. W 0560 55’

Paulet Island, Brown Bluff on the Antarctic Peninsula

"As we sever connection with our fellow men to follow a mirage in the frozen south, the mind falls into reverie.  Doubt, apprehension, inspiration and determination come crowding.  What tremendous events may transpire while we are locked away in the great white silence?"

-- excerpted from the diary of Frank Hurley,

Member of Shackleton's British Trans-Antarctic Expedition

In November of 1902, Captain Larsen was on his way south to pick up Nordenskjöld from his year of work on Snow Hill.  Ice prevented Larsen from reaching Nordenskjöld therefore Larsen sailed into the Antarctic Sound and in December 1902, Larsen dropped off three men at Hope Bay.  They were to walk across the ice to Snow Hill and inform Nordenskjöld of the delay. Larsen continued to try and ram his ship through the pack ice to reach Snow Hill.  This is the time when ice crushed the ship and was sunk on February 12th, 1903.  On February 28th Larsen and 21 men arrive on Paulet Island spending the upcoming winter in a stone hut resorting to eating penguins and seals to stay alive.  The three men sent to Snow Hill found too little ice for them to cross over and began collecting their own penguins in preparation for winter. The three men then spent the next winter at Hope Bay in their own stone hut insulated with penguin skins.  The following spring they walked to Show Hill, meeting Nordenskjöld, who also survived a second winter by eating penguins.  Concurrently, Larsen had rowed to Hope bay, found a note left by the three men, ‘Gone to Show Hill’.  The presence of Lt. Sobral was a factor, which influenced the Argentine government to mount a rescue effort on the corvette, Uruguay, which brought back all the surviving members on November 7th, 1903.

The rocks in the cliff face at Brown Bluff started as a sub-glacial volcano about 1 million years ago.  Gradually, ice above the volcanic eruption melted and a lake formed around the active site.  The lake margin breached probably catastrophically and we now have what we see today.  The brown of the Bluff is due to the alteration of a mineral called Palagonite (glass shards) which were erupted during the active phase of the volcano.

0630 - 0730       Early Bird breakfast available in the Magellan Lounge.

0730 - 0900       Breakfast is served in the Dining Room.

0900       Zodiacs depart for Paulet Island.

1100        Continuous Zodiac shuttle from shore to ship begins.

1200       Last Zodiac from shore to the Explorer.

1230 - 1400       Lunch is served in the Dining Room.

1500       Zodiacs depart for Brown Bluff.

1700        Continuous Zodiac shuttle from shore to ship begins

1800       Last Zodiac from shore to the Explorer.

1900       Recap of today’s activities with a briefing on tomorrow’s landings will be held in the Magellan Lounge.

1930 - 2100       Dinner is served in the Dining Room.

2130        Evening Video: “Traffic”, staring Michael Douglas (147 min.) to be shown in the Magellan Lounge.

2230        Late night snack available in the Magellan Lounge.

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