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Programme d'expédition Antarctique Jour 11

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Thursday,                           January 6, 2005

Half Moon Island                   Lat. S 620 58’

    Lon. W 0600 33’

Yankee Harbour                    Lat. S 620 32’

    Lon. W 0590 47’

Half Moon Island, Yankee Harbour on Greenwich Island

"As we sever connection with our fellow men to follow a mirage in the frozen south, the mind falls into reverie.  Doubt, apprehension, inspiration and determination come crowding.  What tremendous events may transpire while we are locked away in the great white silence?"

-- excerpted from the diary of Frank Hurley,

Member of Shackleton's British Trans-Antarctic Expedition

This morning we’ll explore Half Moon Island which is located between Greenwich and Livingston Islands.  Half Moon gets its name from its distinctive shape.  It is the home of chinstrap penguins as well as southern giant petrels, Antarctic terns, Antarctic brown skuas, blue-eyed shags and sheathbills.  The Argentine base, "Teniente Camara", was named for a naval lieutenant who died some years ago in this area.  This summer base has been closed for about 5 years.

For our final landing in Antarctica we will visit Yankee Harbour on the southwest side of Greenwich Island.  It was well known to American and British sealers as early as 1820.  You are likely to see nesting Gentoo penguins.  There are confirmed breeding species of Gentoo penguins and skuas.

0630 - 0730       Early bird breakfast available in the Explorer Lounge.

7:30 - 0900                    Breakfast is available in the Dining Room.

Half Moon Island

0900       Landing begins at Half Moon Island.

1030       Continuous shuttle from the beach.

1030        Freshly made bouillon available in the Explorer Lounge.

1130       Last Zodiac departs.

1230 - 1400                   Lunch is served in the Dining Room.

Yankee Harbour

1400         Landing begins at Yankee Harbour.

1530         Continuous shuttle from the beach.

1630         Last Zodiac departs for the Explorer.

1630          Tea time in the Explorer Lounge.

1730          Kennan and Karen offer a photo recap of our journey in “Antarctica: Range of Light”.  Join them in the Magellan Lounge at this time.

1900          Recap of the day’s events.  Please join the expedition staff for a talk of the scenery, wildlife and experiences.

1930 - 2100                   Dinner is served in the Dining Room.

2130        Evening video: Join in the Magellan Hall for Master and Commander, staring Russell Crowe.

2230        Late night snacks available in the Explorer Lounge.

Did you know - The chinstrap is the second most abundant penguin in the world.  Its total breeding population is estimated to be 7.5 million pairs, the majority of which are in the South Sandwich Islands.

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