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Programme d'expédition Antarctique Jour 13

Saturday,                      January 8, 2005


Cape Horn

                                    Lat. S 550 58’

                                    Lon. W 0670 13’

The Drake Passage rounding Cape Horn

"I am the albatross that waits for you at the end of the earth. I am the forgotten soul of the dead sailors who crossed Cape Horn from all the seas of the world.  But they did not die in the furious waves.  Today they fly in my wings to eternity in the last trough of the Antarctic wind."

poem by Sara Vial inscribed on the albatross sculpture at Cape Horn

Cape Horn:  The southernmost land in the New World.  This tip of South America is 1,300 miles further south than the Cape of Good Hope and 600 miles below the latitude of New Zealand’s Steward Island.  Until the Panama Canal was opened, Cape Horn, also called ‘Cape Stiff’, or just the ‘Horn’, was the principle route from the east coast of N. America to the Far East and from Australia to England.

0530    Approximate arrival time at Cape Horn.

0700 - 0800       Early bird breakfast available in the Explorer Lounge.

0800 - 0930       Breakfast is served in the Dining Room.

Last day for laundry service!  Please have your laundry ready for pick up this morning.

0915    The Antarctic Treaty and Antarctic Tourism:  Join Ian and the expedition team for an interactive discussion in the Explorer Lounge.

1030    Freshly made Bouillon available in the Explorer Lounge.

1100     Expedition Final Recap and Disembarkation Briefing - Please join your expedition team in the Explorer Lounge for a recap of the highlights of our southern ocean expedition.

1230 - 1400       Lunch is served in the Dining Room.

1400    Save the Albatross Campaign:  Please join Ken in the Magellan Lounge for a presentation on the crisis in the southern ocean long line fishery.

1500 - 1630       Please see the Purser at Reception for settlement of your accounts and Ernie for the return of all borrowed cameras.

1530     Afternoon video: Kennan and Karen will preview the video “Wolf”.  Join them in the Magellan lounge.

1630     Tea time in the Explorer Lounge.

1730    Approximate arrival time to the Port of Ushuaia.

1800     Captain’s Farewell Cocktail Reception begins in the Explorer Lounge.  This will be followed by a raffle in the lounge of the artist's rendered navigational chart to raise donations for the Save The Albatross Campaign.  US$5.00 per ticket.

1830     Dinner is served in the Dining Room.

2130     Video presentation: My Name Is Sam, staring Sean Penn. (93 min)

2230     Late night snacks available in the Explorer Lounge.

*** Please Note ***

The return of ALL BOOKS to the Library today would be appreciated.

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