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Programme d'expédition Antarctique Jour 3

Wednesday,     December 29, 2004


New Island                 Lat. S510 42’ ,      Lon. W0610 17’

West Point Island        Lat. S510 21’,      Lon. W0600 41’

New Island, West Point Island in the West Falkland Islands

“…In the surge of the South Atlantic, some 250 miles east of the nearest point of Patagonia…lie a group of islands…Storm-whipped, treeless and forbidding, they saw centuries go by, waiting until some fine venture of spirit should bring them within human ken.  Twice they were seen-as a desolate coast looming out of the tempest, bringing dismay not comfort, to the storm-blinded seafarer; seen and then lost.  They were found again and named, and lost; refound and named-and that not once nor twice.  Today the name of every bluff and reef and smallest channel of them-though many names are changed or lost-writes out the island’s history.”

- Boyson (1924), The Falkland Islands

Today we will spend the morning on New Island and the afternoon on West Point Island in the West Falkland Islands.  We hope to go ashore at New Island early this morning to pick up our customs and immigrations officials and bring them on board to clear us into the Falkland Island.  Once this is completed we will begin our landing.

0600 - 0730       Early bird breakfast available in the Dining Room

New Island: the Falklands’ most westerly inhabited island, has great historic interest, having been a refuge for whalers from Britain and North America from the late 18th century well in to the 19th, despite the objections of Spanish and British authorities.  There remain ruins of a shore-based, turn-of-the-century Norwegian whaling factory that failed because there simply were not enough whales.  On the precipitous western coast are gigantic colonies of rockhopper penguins and black-browed albatrosses and a large rookery of southern fur seals.

0730    Zodiacs depart for New Island

0930     Continuous zodiac shuttle shore to ship begins

1030     Last zodiac from shore

1100 - 1230       Brunch is served.

1330    Briefing on this afternoon's landing in the Explorer Lounge.

West Point Island: owned by Roddy and Lily Napier, West Point is a wonderful place for seeing Black-browed Albatrosses, Rockhopper Penguins and Imperial Cormorants.  The first visitors to West Point Island named it Albatross Island due to the vast numbers of black-browed Albatross.  Roddy and his wife, Lily, have farmed the island since 1954.  Their Land Rovers are available to take you to and from the albatross and penguin colonies.  Before returning to the ship, please join the Napiers in their home for tea and some home baked goodies.

1400    Zodiacs depart for West Point Island

1600     Continuous zodiac shuttle shore to ship begins

1700     Last zodiac from shore

1845       Please join Captain Kenth Grankvist and his senior officers in the Explorer Lounge for a Welcome Cocktail Reception.

1930     Captain’s Welcome Dinner is now being served in the Dining Room.

2115        Evening Video: BBC’s Blue Planet series - Ocean World (45 min.) To be shown in the Magellan Lounge.

2230     Late night snack available in the Explorer Lounge

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