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Programme d'expédition Antarctique Jour 4

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Lat. S510 41.2’

Lon. W0570 50.5’

Port Stanley on East Falkland Island

Capital of the Falkland Islands

Stanley has been the capital of the Falkland Islands since 1845 when the seat of government was moved from Port Louis.  The choice of the site was dictated by the need for a secure and accessible anchorage for the sailing ships of the Royal Navy and was not universally popular; one contemporary reference describes it as "the most miserable bog hole" in the Islands.

FKI Tourism Board

Early morning finds the Explorer sailing into Port William with the historic Cape Pembroke lighthouse off her port beam.  Be on the lookout for our morning escort of Commerson dolphins.

0600 - 0700       Early bird breakfast available in the Explorer Lounge.

0600                Arrival into the inner harbour

0700 - 0830       Breakfast is served in the Dining Room.

The walk to / from town is approximately 1 1/2km each way along a waterfront trail

which will take approximately 30 minutes with shorebird viewing along the way.

0830       Falkland Birding Tour departs for 3.5hr tour.  Charges for the tour will be billed directly to your shipboard account.

0830       Continuous bus shuttles from the Explorer to the Jetty Visitor’s Centre to the Museum, to the Visitors Centre and to the Explorer.  The schedule will be as follows; 0830 departs from Explorer, 0840 - Jetty Visitor’s Centre, 0850 - Museum, 0900 - Visitor’s Centre, 0910 - Explorer.  From this time on the shuttle will arrive at the designated stops every 10 min. throughout the day.

0800 - 1500       Bank is open.

0930 - 1030          Philatelic Bureau open only at this time.  The Jetty Visitor’s Centre has stamps available for posting.

1200 - 1330     Lunch is served.

1600     Tea time in the Explorer Lounge.

1630 appx:       Last Shuttle from the Museum departs at this time.

1700    Last person to arrive to the Explorer.

1730    Explorer sails from Port Stanley.

1930 - 2100          Dinner is served in the Dining Room.

2100     Evening Video - Another BBC Blue Planet production - Frozen Seas (45 min.)

2230     Late night snacks available in the Explorer Lounge

Did you know - More active than seals, more personable than skuas or petrels, penguin are by far the most lively and interesting of Antarctic animals.  They are found in all latitudes of the southern hemisphere, from the coast of Antarctica to the equator, with most species between 45° and 55° S

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