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Programme d'expédition Antarctique Jour 8

Monday,  January 3, 2005

Monday,                      January 3, 2005

View Point       Lat. S 630 33’

                                    Lon. W 0570 24’

Snow Hill                     Lat. S 640 28’

                                    Lon. W 0570 12’

View Point (Antarctic Peninsula), Snow Hill Island

“Of the gladdest moments in life, me thinks, is the departure upon a distant journey to unknown lands.  Shaking off twitch one mighty effort the fetters of habit, the leaden weight of routine, the cloak of many dares and the slavery of home, man feels once more happy...afresh dawns the morn of life.

--Sir Richard Burton, Journal entry 2 Dec 1856

This morning we hope to land at View Point, located in Duse Bay, which was discovered by a party under J. Gunnar Andersson of Nordenskjöld’s Swedish Antarctic Expedition and so named by FIDS during the surveys of 1945.   Further exploration and mapping of the peninsula was conducted from this site by Sir Walley Herbert of the British Antarctic Survey by means of dog sledging teams.

Located on Snow Hill is the hut in which Otto Nordenskjöld and five of his colleagues spent two winters.  With Nordenskjöld was a young Argentine naval officer, Lieutenant José Sobral who, became the first Argentine to pass this amount of time in Antarctica.  During the time that Nordenskjöld was at Snow Hill major fossil discoveries were made on both Snow Hill and Seymour Island to the east.

0630 - 0730     Early bird breakfast available in the Dining Room.

0730       Zodiacs depart for shore at View Point

0930       Continuous Zodiac shuttle to the ship begins.

1030       Last zodiac from shore to the Explorer.

1100 - 1230     Bavarian Brunch is served in the Dining Room.

1300       Kennan and Karen will be in the Explorer Lounge for an informal session on photographic questions.

1530       Zodiacs go ashore at Snow Hill.

1730       Continuous zodiac shuttle shore to ship begins.

1830       Last zodiac from shore.

1900       Recap of today and briefing to be held in the Explorer Lounge.

1930 - 2100     Dinner is served in the Dining Room.

2130       Evening Video:Antarctica: The End of The Earth.  Nature Channel presents this fascinating documentary, which will be shown in the Magellan Lounge

2230       Late night snacks available in the Explorer Lounge.

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