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From: Claudia []
Sent: jeudi 7 août 2003 19:54
Subject: [RTWers] Re: Solo Travel
There are other drawbacks, more practical ones... for example if you
are travelling with someone that means in many cases cutting the
costs for lodging by half, also cutting on transport, and you can
travel more relaxed because you can leave you luggage and go to the
bathroom for example. 
Also it is nice to have someone to share and to talk and to make
plans and exchange opinions.  Choosing a travel partner is the most
important thing, if you are differnt in interests and one is stubborn
it may be difficult, but if you are easygoing that may not ba a
I do travel alone, but not for long periods of time, mostly a few
days in business trips and I like it, it gives you more chances to
meet new people and that is what I found more valuable.  Also you are
totatlly free to go and come where you like.  When you are travelling
with someone that is not a right partner to travel it may cause
stress, bad mood and you cannot enjoy things.
In sum, I prefere to travel with someone that is compatible with me,
but in case that it is not posible it is ALWAYS BETTER TO TRAVEL


--- In, Wade Allsopp <wadeall@y...> wrote:
> --- guillaume_petitjean said:  the main drawback is for me
> and
> > lunch/dinners. I really felt alone in those occasions (especially
> > lunch/dinners).
> I agree that eating is the time one can feel most self conscious
> being alone.  Of course one can always choose to eat at food stalls
> fast food places where being single is not such an issue.  However
> especially in countries where excellent, and cheap food is a
> such as Thailand, u sometimes think.  Why should I eat in a cheap
> all the time, why cannot I go and eat in a nice restaurant.  Usually
> the nicer the restaurant, the more self conscious one feels of
> alone.  U start to feel that all the other diners are thinking,
look at
> him he's all alone, cannot be much fun. 
> However if u look at many of the "couples" you will often find that
> they have (probably long ago) run out of interesting things to say.
> Its just that they "legitimise" each other's presence.
> Over my 2 year trip I ended up getting quite used to eating alone
> (though it was certainly more enjoyable when I had company).
> It's one of the peculiarities of humans that we like to eat in
> and though have sex in private.  With most animals it is exactly
> opposite. Just thought I'd throw that one in.
> Wade
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